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The Schofferhofer Hefeweizen light beer has the fresh, rough and refreshing taste of real German beer. It clearly has a distinct, characteristic for wheat types but, at the same time, fully balanced bouquet. It especially differs from the well known sweet Barvarian beers with its dry taste. It has a unique, memorable aftertaste, not dissimilar to the “Veuve Clicquot” champagne.
Produced in Germany since the 16th century in the brewery that is located on the main square, by the central cathedral of Mainz, that was  called the “Peter Schoffer Court”. The Beer is named after the famous printer from Mainz, Johan Gutenberg, who invented the printing press and printed the first European copy of the Bible, and Peter Schoffer, who invented the font for this edition.
Alcohol Content: 5%
Density: 12%
500ml Bottle
500ml Aluminum Can
30l Keg






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